politics news - 23.02.2021

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politics news - 23.02.2021

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"I congratulate the real defenders of the Fatherland - which I consider not only those who wear or have worn a uniform, defended or are preparing to defend it from attacks," the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg writes on his Facebook page.

"The real defenders of the Fatherland are those who protect their country, city, village, yard, and protect their fellow citizens from the outrages of the authorities. From police brutality and excesses "of salutogenese", from the destruction of historic buildings and the felling of green areas from the "Plotnikova" under the window and insane spending our money on corrupt projects, from the destruction of museums under the guise of "return of the Church" that she never belonged, from the demolition of the unique buildings on the site which I want to build another "luxury housing", from the destruction of archaeological monuments and many, many others.

Who protects those persecuted by the authorities and protects political prisoners. Who protects the Fatherland-from the authorities, without fundamentally confusing these concepts. And if you look at it this way, the defenders of the Fatherland are not as many as we would like.

But there is no shortage of strikers. In the "security forces", with batons in their hands, suppressing peaceful protests. In the "law enforcement agencies" that protect the authorities, not the citizens. In the judges who recognize any outrages of the authorities as legitimate. In the investigators and prosecutors, fighting not with criminals, but with dissenters. In the builders who try to build up everything that is possible, and cut down everything that can be built up, in the officials who approve and coordinate all this, and in the "architectural critics" who bark at city defenders in favor of the destroyers of the historical center...

But I still hope that the defenders of the Fatherland will become more and more. And there are fewer and fewer attackers."

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